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Shaun and his team always made sure that every one of us had fun. They made sure to educate us while also allowing us to go at our own pace.

Mark Bench

I traveled with Kodiak Fishing for Friends this last year and loved my experience. The price was great which made it possible for me to go. We were able to target Silvers in the mornings, have time to relax, and even fish for more silvers or Dolly Varden in the evenings.

Robert Conder

The kodiak trips that Shaun put together are PHENOMENAL! From the price, to the accommodations, to the experience fishing to the friends made, I love every part of these trips! Shaun and those that he has helped him on these trips have an incredible wealth of fishing knowledge and were able to take a novice like me and get me hooked!

Deven Patten

We have since been 3 years in a row and don't plan on missing another year! The entire process is set up to ensure that the trip is memorable and that you have every opportunity to catch some fish.

Deven Patten

Shaun and Randy are so much fun and they are so knowledgeable. I would recommend Kodiak Island to anyone. If you go once you want to go again.

Russell Johns

The charter groups they use for a day of ocean fishing and the pilots for a fly out to a remote area were exceptional too. I hope to go again in a few years when I can afford to do it again.

Robert Conder

Kodiak island, what a great trip. I have been four times and I can't wait to go a 5th.

Russell Johns

They do a great job giving you all the info you need to prepare, what gear to use, what to expect and they are also really flexible to adjust a trip to your needs/preferences. Thanks Shaun!!

Deven Patten

Snagging fish is easy. you can fight silvers all day long. Keeping the fish takes a lot of finesse (hooking them in the mouth). I got my keeper (or 2 if we hit the right river for the 2nd fish) each day until the last day. I was so tired of catching fish I was just in it for the fun. The day on the ocean, and the fly out to afognak island to fish all day. Icing on the cake.

Mark Rowbury

Every time I go its a great new adventure. The different rivers we catch Silvers in. It's been phenomenal. The fly-in trip was amazing. 2 years ago I took my dad and he still talks about all the amazing types of fish you catch on the boat and in the rivers.

Russell Johns

So many Fish! So many fun experiences! So beautiful! and never were we worried about being taken care of because Shaun and his team handled everything. Thanks!

Mark Bench

Kodiak Island is an amazing trip. My passion is hunting. I fish cause I can do it year round. The trip itself is breathtaking. Seeing bears up close and personal, even talking to them is heart pounding. Momma and her two cubs fishing just upstream.

Mark Rowbury

I want to start off by saying what a great trip and adventure I had at Kodiak Island. First off, I was quite surprised at the beauty of Kodiak island. It reminded me of Hawaii with the forest and the mountains. The people on the island were awesome, they helped me out with my wheelchair quite a few times.

Scott Parkin

There are so many things to mention about the trip that I liked but I’ll name a few. The “guide” that took us was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing, patient, and very instructive about how to fish, especially for people who never fly fishes before.

Michael Smyers

Fishing Kodiak with Shaun was an amazing experience. The pounds of delicious fish you come back with is worth the money in and of itself but the memories are priceless.

Chavis Lundskog

Kodiak fishing for Friends was my first Alaska experience. The fact that this trip is 90% wading the rivers with a fly rod was all I needed to be told to know that this was the type of Alaska trip I wanted to be a part of.

Chris Nagel

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