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Kodiak, Alaska is known for its big Silver Salmon. Having fished other parts of Alaska I can say, they average 25% bigger on Kodiak. They’re hard fighting sons of guns and a hoot to bring them in. Called the Emerald Island, Kodiak is known for its beauty amazing landscapes. Its also known for its genuine camaraderie, local cuisine, sightseeing (even bears), and the outstanding fishing experience. Weather is similar to our fall weather on a Utah October day. I’ve worn a heavy coat. Typically layers are best with a GOOD quality rain jacket. Expect weather in the 50’s to lower 80’s ( and it is unusual if it gets that warm). If it’s a little chilly in the morning, throw on an extra shirt.

We have a limited supply of extra waders and fishing gear. Mainly for back up and broken equipment. You can also buy what you need at Rays or Walmart in Kodiak.

WHEN: Silver Salmon run on Kodiak generally end of August, peaking mid-end of September and slowing down mid October.

WHO: Anyone with GREAT attitudes and who will contribute to the fun. We have family, individuals, and Parent Child teams.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We stay at a Bed and Breakfast (without the Breakfast part, we cook that ourselves or go out and eat). They will have a washer and dryer and will sleep 6-8 (with some bunking up). Some weeks we’ll double up and we’ll get an alternate bed and breakfast. 



It’s a small town named after the Big Island of KODIAK as well. It has about 7,000 people and it reminds me of 60’s or 70’s small town community. The look and feel is very quaint with beautiful St. Paul’s Harbor next to the main road. There is a Walmart, Safeway, tiny Costco, several food eating places (we have our favorites), and the most popular sporting goods store called “RAYS”. They have everything from tackle, waders, gear, and flies etc. It reminds me of a mini Cabelas. 

Fishing Rivers

We fish the road system which in total length of road from Pasagshak to Monoshka Bay about 65 or so miles. But, the main fishing rivers we like on this road system are within 30 minutes—many even closer. Our favorites are A. Buskin River and B. Olds River. That being said, every year the secondary rivers can really surprise us like 1. Salonie Creek 2. Piller Creek 3. American River and many others. It’s a fun challenge to see which rivers are producing that year. It’s part of the fun. The Litnik River on Afognak Island, is a fun surprise. We fly out on a float plane and land on Afognak Lake and then walk from there. It’s a morning-tillnight trip (bring your own food and what we pack in we pack out, including fish and we’ll wear our waders to and from). In 2020, we stayed overnight and it was very successful. We will try to make this happen more but the over night is optional. The flight to Afognak is not included in your original amount. Limits on Silver Salmon are 5 a day on Afognak, but we can catch and release as much as we want. I also like to keep fresh pink salmon which are great for smoking. 


Yes, there is high probability of seeing Kodiak Grizzly Bears and lots of other wildlife. They are generally respectful of fishermen if fishermen are respectful of them. But it’s best to be prepared with Bear Spray or Pistol that is suitable—although most don’t carry a weapon, I can’t make that decision for you. It’s a personal choice. There are no black bears or moose on this island, but do have blacktail deer. I have never used a weapon on a bear nor do I want to and most encounters can be avoided. But again, you have to make that decision for yourself. 


There is the option to go Halibut Fishing and we use very experienced charters and over the years we have our favorites. They Charge $375 and can take up to 6 – 8 people. You can opt to go with a charter of your own choosing, but they are all about the same price. This is not included with your deal with KFF but I help set it up. Tipping is usually around $400 per boat of 6 (total) or $500 for a boat of 8 so typically around $60 per fishermen. The captain and the deck hand usually split this.


Your payment includes:

  1. Flight (sky miles which we book for you). All flights go through Anchorage and then down to Kodiak for which there are no direct flights to Kodiak.
  2. Accommodations (bed and breakfast).
  3. Typically 11-passenger Van for Transportation (we pay gas as well and won’t try to put more than 8 or 9 in at a time as more is too crowded).

Your payment does not include:

  1. Special fly outs
  2. Souvenirs
  3. Fishing Gear and tackle (although I don’t mind lending my personal stuff if I have it).
  4. Tips (halibut guides etc)
  5. Fish Processing (see below)
  6. Shipping fish home (see below)
  7. $50 land use fee if we go to Litnik River paid to the Afognak Native Corporation.
  8. License
  9. Food (although many will combine together and cook at the Bed and Breakfast)
  10. Halibut trip


Starting the 2022 season if you were to book your own flight to Kodiak, it’s around $900 -$1100 or so. This option is there for you in which case your trip would be $2,000.

Typically this pricing is for Western half of United States. Eastern states may have an increase of cost from $200 – $500 depending on where we book the flight from. Starting 2012, we want to book flights early in November and December.

What to Bring

1. WADERS and Boots style (some bring all in one’s and that’s great. Don’t recommend 100% neoprene). Boots cannot have felt on the soles. Rubber style soles is worn and some come with “traction screws” already put in the bottom of them. I like one size bigger on the boots myself i.e. I wear a size 8 shoe so I would buy a size 9 for the wader boot. That’s just me. Fishing Rods and Reels that handle 8-20 lb. fish. I use an 8 wt rod and matching reel with 30 lb. tippet. If you’re a good fishermen, you can get away with 20 lb. tippet. Spin Casting folks need Rods and Reels to handle these sizes of fish. There are many ways to set up your tackle for fishing and would be hard to explain it all here, depending on how you fish.

2. Tackle: (can all be bought there)
a. 20-30 wt tippet or tapered leader
b. Chartreuse closures or white closures or egg sucking leaches or there are many other fly choices.
c. Lead weights (there are many personal preferences here, but I don’t like the big ones so I usually buy the BB size split shot)
d. Hook remover forceps or needle nose pliers. (latter is bulky for me though)
e. Nippers (like toenail clippers).
f. Hook sharpeners (helpful, but not necessary) (THE LATTER 3 I USUALLY HANG ON MY WADERS FOR EASY ACCESS)
g. Fish Stringer (I like the yellow ones they sell at Rays)

3. Camera equipment Go pros are fun and fine, but make sure you keep them waterproof.

4. Bug spray. 2016 was the worst years I have seen for what I call “No See ums”. Typically have not had a problem.

5. Polarized Glasses. (I like the ones with readers on them)

6. Hat. (base ball cap is fine, but helpful if waterproof)

7. Rivers are not terribly cold so I get by just fine with a pair of wool socks, Jeans, long sleeve shirt and Rain Jacket

8. Gloves. I don’t see many people wearing them because it’s just not that cold, but personal preference.

9. Sun screen. optional, but most never wear it (personal preference) 

Other Stuff

Come prepared with: extra underwear, shirts, pants, warm socks, toiletries. Also you can bring knives (NOT carry-on), Binoculars (for bears and whales). Some folks figure out how to put it all in one Carry on (without the dangerous stuff – see why on next item). DON’T BRING bear spray. I may have extra there or you can buy it there. You can bring a weapon.

BRINGING FISH HOME: We have companies on Kodiak that will process your fish for around $2.00 to $2.25 per lb (outgoing weight) and they vacuum pack, box it, and have it ready to go by the end of the week. Plan on paying $100-$200 for fish processing. Goal is to bring home 40 -50 lbs of salmon. If you go Halibut fishing and also catch rock fish and pacific Cod, that’s a bonus. 

The area in red is where we will be spending most of our time. It’s where the main city of Kodiak also resides.

OK OK. This is why some folks pack all their gear on carry on. You will probably bring back 2 boxes of fish and will get charged $30-50 per box on Alaskan Airline. A 3rd box is $100. It’s still cheaper than Fed Ex or UPS. (Hint, for those who get Alaska airline credit cards, they give you a break in price for Check in. I don’t dare say how much because it may change).

VIDEO: At the end of your trip, send me all of your videos and pictures and we will do a fun YouTube video for memories’ sake. It’s always a kick to share with friends and families.

RESEARCH: I highly encourage and recommend doing some of your own research on Kodiak for things to do and see and YouTube videos on ways to fish. Watch YouTube videos on the history of the Salmon Run. Very, very fascinating and you will appreciate fishing them more. It’s a fun place. 

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If cancelled 90 days in advance your $$ will be returned. Helpful to find a replacement for you.

If cancelled less than 90 days in advance then ½ of deposit will be returned.