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Kodiak, Alaska

Kodiak, Alaska is known for its big Silver Salmon. Having fished other parts of Alaska I can say, they average 25% bigger on Kodiak. They’re hard fighting sons of guns and a hoot to bring them in. Called the Emerald Island, Kodiak is known for its beauty amazing landscapes. Its also known for its genuine camaraderie, local cuisine, sightseeing (even bears), and the outstanding fishing experience. Weather is similar to our fall weather on a Utah October day. I’ve worn a heavy coat. Typically layers are best with a GOOD quality rain jacket. Expect weather in the 50’s to lower 80’s ( and it is unusual if it gets that warm). If it’s a little chilly in the morning, throw on an extra shirt.

The Town of Kodiak

It’s a small town named after the Big Island of KODIAK as well. It has about 7,000 people and it reminds me of 60’s or 70’s small town community. The look and feel is very quaint with beautiful St. Paul’s Harbor next to the main road. There is a Walmart, Safeway, tiny Costco, several food eating places (we have our favorites), and the most popular sporting goods store called “RAYS”. They have everything from tackle, waders, gear, and flies etc. It reminds me of a mini Cabelas. 

Alaska Department of Fish and Game